Notpla Paper
Remarkable zero-waste paper
from a forest below the sea

Seaweed-powered creativity

There’s another forest, just below the sea. Offering a different way to design, seaweed provides lush biodiversity, regenerates faster, draws down more carbon, and does not compete for soil.

Notpla Paper is a new material that enables future-focused creatives and brands to challenge the status quo. A by-product from seaweed processing, formerly considered waste, gives Notpla Paper its unique veining and sensory quality while closing the loop on the seaweed industry.
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Designed without waste

Entirely natural and circular, Notpla Paper is made to be recyclable and even home compostable while giving a second life to otherwise wasted biomass. It enables creatives to make environmentally friendly packaging and print materials without compromising quality or performance.

Say nature without saying it

Embodying its origin from below the sea, Notpla Paper brings a remarkable, natural aesthetic to every design. From packaging for fashion and cosmetics to stationery, poster designs and business cards, the visual and tactile qualities support conscious companies in their mission and messaging. Printers and converters alike embrace its versatility with excellent results.

Available through G.F. Smith

For over 135 years, G . F Smith have been curators of the world’s finest and most distinctive papers. Sharing our creative, maverick spirit and an obsession for innovation, they were the first choice partner for our industry-disrupting paper.

Now taking pride of place among their versatile and varied, industry-adored paper portfolio, we’re excited that Notpla Paper is available directly through G . F Smith and their partner network.
order at G.F. Smith

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